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Affectionately known as the Parker twins, we are David and Matthew Parker, Father and Son and two individuals with a passion for Table Tennis. We are from the United Kingdom, although Matt lives in Sydney Australia. David has been playing Table Tennis since his teens across the dizzy heights of the Stroud and Gloucestershire league circuit. Matt's first Table Tennis bat came at an early age and was brought up on a diet of back hand flick (Davids favourite shot), chops, blocks and forehand top spin. Since his early playing days at youth club, leisure center and school followed by afew quiet yearstravelling the world, Matt has rediscovered his love for Table Tennis. He plays regularly at work and Peter Masen’s Table Tennis Academy in Maroubra, NSW. The social aspect of Table Tennis has introduced Matt to a new group of friends, from all over the world. Each with their own Table Tennis style and technique. Taking inspiration from them has been a great way to push Matt’s game up a level.

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